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Summer Reading List


West Greene's Summer Literacy program

1. Read the directions on the class appropriate reading Work Sheet for information on What needs to be read and How the reading will be recorded.

2. Students will use the Data sheet to record their understanding of the readings and those will be turned in  to their assigned English teacher at the beginning of the 2016-2017 Fall semester.

3.The summer reading will be assigned pts by the individual  English teacher   

4. Students can access the data sheet and copies of the summer readings off the WG web site.

5. Encourage students to find these books on audibles online and/or  the local library and/or many of these are free downloads on Kindle or Nook and/or McKay's in Knoxville has many of these classic's for a dollar or less.  Also White Pine book store carries a lot of paperback classics for $3.00 or less.