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Deandra  Doolittle
English II, III, Theatre Arts, and ELA Intervention
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English II, English III Syllabi

Course: English II, English III

Instructor: Deandra Doolittle

Room 115

Phone: 423-422-4061



Course Description:

This course shall primarily focus on improving the writing skills, grammar and syntax usage, and increase an expansion in vocabulary. Critical thinking shall be used to decipher texts of literature, including works of fiction and non-fiction. Students will be expected to understand, evaluate, make connections, analyze, create, and apply the skills gathered from textual study in order to show an array of knowledge obtained in the classroom.


·         Produce a varied sense of writing

·         Cite evidence from source materials

·         Participate in cooperative learning

·         Demonstrate and apply the rules of grammar and its usage


1.       1”-2” binder (specifically meant for English class)

2.       Subject dividers (at least a set of 5)

3.       Loose leaf notebook paper

4.       Pens/pencils

5.       Highlighters or colored pencils (meant for working with text citation)


***Come prepared to class daily! Hold yourself accountable for your materials. I know things do happen, such as forgetting paper or a pencil, which I will happily supply, if need be. This does not include your homework (please always show up with homework in hand.)

***Respect for yourself, your fellow classmates, your teacher, and your school.

***Note that you should also expect the same from me, including being prepared and an overall sense of respect for both you and your classmates.

***I have high expectations for each and every one of you and your success!

Class Procedures:

Students will always be aware of the daily agenda for the class, which will include a bell ringer, grammar practice, and vocabulary, as well as the text materials that are going to be used for the day. The standards being covered for that particular day will also be displayed, as students will have a reason as to why they are covering the material they are covering and for what purpose. Students are expected to be in their seats and working, starting with their bell ringers, as soon as the bell rings. *Disciplinary pursuits will be set into place for anyone not on task. School is an environment to learn and will be treated as such!


3 tardies = 1 absence

You are expected to attend class during your designated class period.


WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If evidence cannot be provided as a source for claims documented in work, the situation will be taken up with administration. If all parties agree upon clear evidence of plagiarism, an automatic zero for the assignment will be given. No exceptions!

Late work:

There are no late work opportunities. I will not take late work. You are expected to be responsible for your assignments when they are given and are expected to follow procedures set in to place about turning them in, as this holds students accountable for time management. *A make-up work policy is in place for absenteeism.

School rules:

The basic set of guidelines for attending school and what is expected of you are outlined in the student handbook. If it seems like a bad idea, it probably is! Think twice before acting!

Grading Scale:

93-100  A                         70-74  D

85-92  B                           70 and below F

75-84  C