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History Links
The History Channel

A very good introductory website, for those who are fans of the TV station.

NARA Website: National Archives and Records

One of the most important processes in history looking at the past and interpreting it. This site will help you to get started by examining these primary sources.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook

An excellent website, with links to several subsections of history and the primary sources that are germane to those topics. Especially interesting is a link to "History in the Movies."

Eyewitness to History

Someone once said that "the only thing we learn from history is that we don't learn from history." Change that by reading the words of those who were there when history happened.

Herr Jordan's Compendium o' Links

This website has more links than one can visit, but those I've clicked on are quite good. If you like history websites at all, this is your mother lode. Eureka!


In the unlikely event that the dynamic combination of notes and lecture provided by yours truly are not enough to fill you with the knowledge you need to prevail on my notoriously difficult exams, click here for a supplementary source of Vitamin IQ.

Other Frequently Visited Sites
The Official Rush Website

The most impressive power trio ever to grace the charts (sorry, fans of "The Police"). An informative website full of info about the band's current doings, discography, history and, of course, "Dialogues with 'the Duke.'"

Rotten Tomatoes

If you want to find out what the "professional" moviegoers (a.k.a. "critics") think about a film, click here.

The Internet Movie Database

In the event that you're curious about who the gaffer was in the latest (or earliest) cinematic classic, visit this site. The IMDB has more information about films than even the most obsessed film fan could need.

Dr. Enuf

Ponce de Leon sought the fabled "Fountain of Youth." If only he'd known about Dr. Enuf! Visit the site; take a tour of the facility where they bottle this world-renowned elixir; find out just why "Enuf is Enough!"

Homestar Runner

Undoubtedly one of the more amusing sites to be found on the 'Net, click here if bizarre characters engaged in bizarre endeavors is your thing... but make sure to watch out for Trogdor.

Ain't It Cool News

Although he's given to excessive use of exclamation marks, Harry Knowles and his Hollywood spies do get the skinny on many upcoming films on this site. Moreover, the guy is a true fan of film... and it shows.

The Straight Dope

Ever wonder where Bullwinkle went to college? Why there are only 28 days in February? You can get these (and a myriad of other) questions answered by Cecil and his trivia-conscious cohorts at this website.


Oft described as the "free encyclopedia that anyone can edit," this is a very worthwhile resource in which one can get lost whilst clicking between links related to the original topic... that is, of course, assuming that the various links located throughout a wikipedia entry garner enough attention to warrant a click. Please do note, however, that while the information on the site is generally peer-reviewed by erudite folks who care about accuracy, "anyone can edit" an entry. So, tread carefully before citing this site.


Because native English speakers aren't the only ones who butcher the language... even though they shouldn't, given that it's their native tongue. This site provides some humorous examples of how those whose first language isn't English manage to maul the medium.

Wimp - The Best Online Videos

This is one of those sites that somehow manages to make time disappear... if you start clicking on the videos, it could be hours before you stop, so don't visit this one when the EOC is around the corner!


A great site for music fans, who can listen to nearly any song ever recorded here... assuming it's been uploaded, of course. Some may prefer Pandora, but I prefer this site as it doesn't randomly select music. Yes, I am a musical dictator, and I exercise that power with impunity... thanks to Grooveshark.

Rate My Teachers

This site calls itself an "educational resource" where "k-12, elementary, middle and high school teachers are rated and reviewed by parents, students and ..." [the description in my Google search actually stopped there, so I guess ellipses can rate and review teachers, too]. While this is certainly an opportunity for students and parents to rate teachers, hopefully extolling praise or providing constructive criticism, it's also a place for the schmendricks who didn't study to pretend it's the teacher's fault they're failing the class. If you go here to rate a teacher, be the former and use it judiciously as the "educational resource" it was intended to be. Don't be the latter, who abuse their anonymity... you can be traced, after all. And if you act like a schmendrick, you will be. That's no joke - cyberbullying is a crime, so be smart [and civil] about what you say.

The Internet Movie Database

This is an incredible resource for any self-respecting cinephile, or for anyone who wants to have a real edge at playing the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" game.