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Supply List 

English I - Spring 2018 

These materials are mandatory and used daily. If you cannot get them for any reason, inform me as soon as possible.

·         notebook paper (college rule)

·         3-ring binder (2”)

·         8 tab dividers

·         No. 2 Pencils (mechanical is fine IF student provides own lead)

·         red pens

·         pack of colored pencils (Crayola or other vibrant brand recommended, but any will do – we will use these as highlights and for any creative elements of some assignments)

Bonus Point Materials

Students may bring any or all of these materials for bonus points to be applied reasonably to certain assignments throughout the semester:

tissues, Clorox wipes, magic erasers, dust pans with brushes, disposable dusters, hand sanitizer, dry erase markers, packs of pencils, packs of red pens, post-it notes, 3-ring binders, tab dividers, small/medium storage containers with lids or baskets, colored pencils, highlighters, White Out EZ correct tape, standard size staples, small/kids staplers, Pilot G2 pens (black or multicolor), paper clips, binder clips, Febreze “ONE” air freshener or other low-scent air-freshener products. For anything with a scent, please try to get low-scent products. People may have allergies, breathing difficulties, or other sensitivities to strongly scented products. Febreze “ONE” is just one product that is scented but not strong enough to agitate most people with these issues. Similar products would be fine. By all means get the “cheap” version as long as it works!