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Classroom Rules 





  All students have a right to learn. It is my responsibility to establish and enforce classroom rules that create an environment that is safe, comfortable, organized, supportive, and conducive to learning.

All students have a right to learn. Any actions that interfere with learning in my classroom will not be tolerated. The following are disruptive, distracting, and not allowed:

  • Arriving late to class
  • Coming to class unprepared
  • Talking while I am teaching
  • Putting your head down on the desk
  • Using electronic devices during class (cell phone, iPod, etc) unless instructed
  • Being off task

I will come to class on time and prepared.

I will do my best to provide you with meaningful lessons and engaging activities in a variety of styles and formats.

I will make every attempt to help you achieve your academic goals.

I will make myself available for help both inside and outside of class.

I will update grades  weekly and update the website daily.

You will come to class on time and prepared.

Bring a pencil, eraser, calculator and your Math Notebook EVERY day!

When you enter my classroom, sit in your assigned seat and follow the instructions on the board right away.

Complete assignments neatly in pencil and turn them in on time.

Always do your best work, your own work, and show your work.

When you need help, ask for it!


I will treat you fairly, but not equally. Different students have different needs. 

I will treat you with respect and courtesy at all times.

I will use good language, good manners, and provide you clear and direct instructions so you can meet my expectations.

You will treat me and your classmates with respect and courtesy at all times.

Use good language, good manners, follow directions, and use materials as intended.