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         I.            Course Description:

a.       This course was designed to assist students with exploring careers and developing skills necessary to make meaningful decisions about their career choice. Students will be made aware that there are many factors to consider before selecting a suitable career. This course will assist the students in assessing their personal strengths and weaknesses as they relate to career decisions. This course will aid the student in developing strategies to make an effective transition from school to work. The student will develop skills in this course that are generic to all occupations, such as properly preparing career documents needed to obtain employment. The student will be able to recognize that career enhancements and career changes are common and that they need to be prepared with the proper tools, resources, and guidance to make informed decisions about their career choice throughout their lifetime.

b.       The course outline is designed to explore all career pathways that are offered in West Greene to assist students with declaring an official career pathway to follow throughout high school.

       II.            Course Content:

a.       Keyboarding

b.       Education skills – Microsoft Office

c.       Career Skills – Microsoft Office, Interview Skills,

d.       16 Career Clusters

e.       Personal Assessments/Aptitudes

f.        Personal Finance

g.       High School Majors

     III.            Evaluation:

a.       Career Exploration is a project based course. Students will complete projects on a daily/weekly basis. Projects will be graded according to rubrics and content

b.       The grading scale that is listed in the WGHS handbook will be observed.

                                                               i.      Full Credit = presented to the teacher on time and with accuracy

                                                             ii.      Partial Credit = Students will be given two (2) days to make up work missed for excused absences

                                                           iii.      Students will be held responsible for collecting and making up ALL missed work

c.       Tests =                  30%

Quizzes =             20%

Classwork =        25%

Bell Ringer =       10%

Participation =   15%

    IV.            Materials:

a.       Pens or Pencils (Except for Red)

b.       Computer Usernames and Passwords

c.       $5 Tech Fee

      V.            Discipline:

a.       WGHS Student Handbook Policies and Procedures will be observed and reviewed