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Government/Economics Syllabus  


Course Syllabus


 Instructor: Joe Byrd

Room: 203                 

School Phone: 422-4061       Email:


Course Description:

Students will study the purposes, principles, and practices of American government as established by the Constitution. Students will learn the structure and processes of the government of the state of Tennessee and local governments. Students will recognize their rights and responsibilities as citizens as well as how to exercise these rights and responsibilities at the local, state, and national level.


Students will examine the allocation of scarce resources and economic reasoning used by consumers, producers, savers, investors, workers, and voters. Students will explore the concepts of scarcity, supply and demand, market structures, the role of government, national economic performance, money and the role of financial institutions, economic stabilization, and trade. Finally, students will examine the key economic philosophies and economists who have and continue to influence economic decision-making.


            Possible Units of Study:

  • ·         Principles of Govt./Origins of American Govt.
  • ·         The Constitution
  • ·         The Electoral Process
  • ·         Branches of Government
  • ·         State/Local Government
  • ·         Economics
  • ·         The evaluation of speeches, letters, documents, etc.
  • ·         Critical thinking and analysis

 Necessary supplies: pens, pencils, a binder or folder, notebook paper

 Texts: Macgruder’s American Government and Civics, Prentice Hall Economics, various news articles, historic documents, and primary source material


Grading:   50 % - tests, formal writing assignments, presentations, research projects

50 % - Daily work, participation, quizzes

Semester grade – 40 % first nine week average, 40 % second nine week average, 10 % midterm, 10 % final exam


Tests/Assignments: Both formal and informal tests and quizzes will be given throughout the semester. Specifically, a midterm and final exam will be given according to Board Policy. ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO TAKE THE SEMESTER TEST. Students will also be assessed on various projects, debates, and written work.


Class Participation: Small group work and class discussion, as well as general daily class participation, are required at all times and necessary. These are part of your daily grade.


Tips for Success:

Do your work (reading, writing, thinking)
Complete each assignment on time
Come to class prepared
Share ideas
Never hesitate to ask questions
Come to class with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and willingness to learn

All rules covered in the West Greene High School Student Handbook will be strictly enforced.