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Grading Procedure & Scale

Grading Procedure  

Your  nine week marking period grade is calculated using the weights below.



60% Tests
40% Quizzes/Assignments





For example, if your test scores average to 85/100,
and your quizzes/assignments average to 90/100....


So, your grade would be an 87, or (B).



A midterm and final exam are given. The midterm is weighted 5% and the End of Course Exam is weighted 25% of the semester grade.



35% 1st nine weeks
35% 2 nd nine weeks
 5% Mid term
25% EOC





 (1st 9-weeks grade*0.35)+(2nd 9-weeks grade*0.35)+(midterm grade*0.05)+(EOC grade*0.25)

For example, if your 1st 9-weeks grade is 85,
your 2nd 9-weeks grade is 90,
your midterm is 75,
and your EOC score is 75...


So, your grade For Algebra 2 would be an 83.75, or (C).

Grading Scale  
 A 100-93
 B  92-85
 C  84-75
 D  74-70
 F  69-below