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Lisa Coffey Staff Photo

Teaching: This is my twenty-first year teaching, and my second time at West Greene. I teach classes at Walters State Community College. I have also worked at Northeast State Community College, Washington College Academy and Cosby High School. In my spare time I tutor,  I pick and sell blueberries during the summer, and I also sell jewelry on the side as well.


My Family: I have one boy that I call my own and 6 FUR Babies that call me theirs: Atlas is 19 and is in his freshman year of College at The University if Tennessee. And the Fur babies in order from oldest (17 years of age to 9 months) D O G, a Lhasa Apse, Sadie,a Pomeranian, Millie, a chi-guinese, Zoe, Miniature Schnauzer, Bandit, a Shi Tzu, and Summitt a Lab-pit mix (maybe). They keep me busy and the youngest is worse than a toddler, tearing everything up and finding every little thing.....

Favorites: I love FAMILY time, working in my flowers, walking on the beach, playing with my dogs, theme parks, milk chocolate covered strawberries, ALGEBRA, , and students who do their homework and think for themselves.