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Subjects Taught


Ph.D. in Education - Curriculum and Instruction - Capella university 2018

Masters of Arts in Teaching  (M.A.T) - East Tennessee State University- Graduated May 2013

Bachelors of Science (BS)- Emphasizes in Marine Science - Coastal Carolina University- Graduated December 2010 


My first and only teaching position has been at West Greene. I have been working at WG for about 4 years.


I was born in Johnson City, Tn. I lived in Lee County, Virginia my entire life until I went to college. I am an only child and but I am luck to have two - male cousins that I am very close to. With that said, I grew up riding 4-wheelers and dirt bikes, fishing, playing sports and attending church. I played any and every sport possible including softball, basketball and volleyball. Softball was by far my favorite which I played from 4th to 12th grades. I also played in the marching/concert/jazz band from 4th to college. I played the trombone from middle school to college. I also started playing the piano in my middle school years. I have not played my trombone in several years but I am currently the pianist at my church and have been for many years. I have also, recently, starting playing the violin. Sports and music play a big role in my life.

After high school I moved to South Carolina and attended Coastal Carolina University. I majored in Marine Science and let me say it wasn't easy. BUT I enjoyed every minute of it and gained so much knowledge. While at Coastal, I had the opportunity to become a scuba diver ( I have 5 certifications), study sharks in the Bahamas, conduct many experiments on a private island, "play" in the marsh and many other interesting things. I also had the opportunity to study many different animals/mammals/organisms and work with some amazing people. I could talk about my experiences at Coastal for hours but I'm going to quit for now. :) (if you have questions or would like to continue a conversation e-mail me)

After Coastal I decided to work on my Masters at ETSU which was a 2-year program. Less than half way through the 2nd year, I received an e-mail saying that West Greene needed a science teacher. Let's just say I didn't see this coming. To make a long story short, on October 1st 2012, I was a full time science teacher at WG and a full time graduate student. Again, this was not easy but I do NOT regret my decision!! I was able to graduate from ETSU with a 4.0 GPA in May of 2013 and continue working at WG. I love working at WG, I was welcomed by all the teachers and administration. They have supported me and even answered all my questions! (lol) I am now part of the WG family! :)

I am currently working on my Ph.D. from Capella University. I have completed 3 years and only hoping to to have less than a year left, this all depended on my dissertation work. My Ph.D. is will be from the School of Education in Curriculum and Instruction.


I have to add that I am a huge football fan! I tell my students on day one that I bleed blue and orange. GO GATORS! This causes many football conversation to develop throughout the SEC season! (It's all good) :)

Now, I have shared a little personal information about myself. If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

Please see the file manager page for a copy of my syllbus for this years biology courses.  Also check out Google Classroom (each class has their own page).

Danielle Shackelford :)