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Hunter Paris Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Contemporary Issues, US History

  • Attended Vanderbilt University/University of Tennessee, Knoxville [BA/MS]
  • Intern Experience: Farragut High School - Farragut, Tennessee [Co-founder of SCAT (Student Cinematic Arts & Teaching Society)]
  • Instructor at West Greene High School since 2004 [Social Studies Department Head since 2008] 

    Educational Philosophy

    Horace Mann once said that “A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated.” Following from the sublime logic of that statement, a society cannot achieve or maintain its full potential unless all the members of that body politic pursue unto fruition the full education of self. Much like the ancient Greeks attempted to achieve the ideal state of Arete, Americans, too, must aspire toward the sort of excellence toward which those Hellenic folks strove thousands of years ago. Even if never quite reaching this goal, a person working toward it betters himself as well as the community in which he lives. It follows that if the people of the nation improve themselves, then the nation itself will follow suit. In my estimation, then, education is not simply a personally enriching path to take, but also one with somewhat patriotic overtones. Those not working toward improving themselves in this way, then, are so much ballast, weighing down the country with a crippling apathy, lack of productivity, and even resistance to the inexorable forces of progress and change. This does not mean that an education must necessarily lead to a college degree, of course. As in the Rush song, “Philosophers and Ploughmen, each must [play] his part.” Education is the means to that end, and it is for the reasons provided here that I am quite so earnest in attempting to provide my students with the best education available.

  • Born in Greeneville, Tennessee
  • FOIA forms are required for discovery of other information.
  • DJ/Board Operator for WUOT, 91.9 FM [Knoxville, 2002-2004]
  • Director of Independent Film Festival, University of Tennessee [2001-2]
  • Instruments: Drums, Guitar, Trumpet
  • Sports: Tennis, Baseball, Cross Country, Skiing, Ultimate Frisbee [And just about anything else... except Sumo Wrestling.]
  • Hobbies include: Writing screenplays, reading [esp. Poe, Nash, Turtledove, King, Koontz, Clancy, Ambrose, Foote, "the Bard," and Peart] and indulging in the great American art form: cinema.