Adkins, Bethany WGHS - English
Allen, Corey Social Studies
Barnes, Tony Math Teacher
Beets, Kelly Special Education / CDC
Bennett, Joshua Business Technology
Bible, Jesse Math / Physical Education
Bowers, Lynn Social Studies
Bowles, Mark Technology Engineering
Brammer, Jamie English
Brickey, J.D. Spanish
Britton, Nykaya WGHS - School Counselor
Byrd, Joe Government/Economics
CASE, JOSEPH Physical education/Driver Education
Coffey, Lisa Math
Cox, Stephanie Human Services
Davis, TJ English I honors and content reading
Doolittle, Deandra English II, III, Theatre Arts, and ELA Intervention
Gates, Amanda Math
Greenlee, Mark Physical Education
Jones, Brock Choir/Assistant Band Director
King, Raven Business Education/Personal Finance
Lawson,  Rena Webmaster/Business Technology
Lott, Lauren Science
Morelock, Avery WGHS English
Murray, Chase Agriculture Education
Myers, Nicole WGHS - Math
Nunez, David Foreign Language
Paris, Hunter Social Studies
Peltier, Janice Special Education
Rhoton, Charles Science Teacher
Ripley, Richard School Counselor
Rush, Caty Special Education
Rutherford, Karen Special Education
Sauceman, Adrian Bible History / Physical Education
Shackelford, Danielle Science Department
Shaw, Betsy Physical Science
Short,  Adam Agriculture Education
Silvers, Gloria WGHS Algebra I
Smyth, Alex Mathematics
Starnes, Christy School Counselor
Thayer, Austin Foreign Language - French
Thomas, Mona English
Tunnell, Steven Principal
Whittenburg-Shelton, Lee Anne Library Media Specialist
Williams, Mathew Music