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Student Council


West Greene's Student Council believes that there is a need in our school for an organization through which students, teachers, and administrators can work together to help our school achieve its greatest development. The Student Council will consist of members that are duly elected representatives from the student body including those members serving as officers.

The Student Council believes that every student attending West Greene becomes a representative of the school at all times- in the school, in the home, and in the community in which he or she lives. All students should be willing at all times to assume the responsibilities and duties, as well as the privileges belonging to this democratic institution. Such duties would include advancement of constructive suggestions, cooperating with the school, and striving to  be an alert, useful citizen of West Greene High School.

West Greene's Student Council also takes part in sponsoring several events throughout the year at West Greene High School. The Student Council takes care of all Homecoming Activities that include the election of Homecoming Court and Queen, class competitons throughout Homecoming Week, and the Homecoming Dance. Student Council also sponsors two Medic Blood Drives per year. They have sponsored food drives for 2nd Harvest and also crown the Queen of Hearts during Basketball season.